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Overview: "RekamoMA series" handles short-term breakdowns in production lines.

RekamoMA series is "The event data recorder in production lines" with high-speed cameras.

・Do you take measures to tackle short-term breakdowns without depending on intuition and experience?

・Are you checking the phenomenon directly with your eyes?

Handling short-term breakdowns begins with "observing the cause"

RekamoMA is a professional tool that maximizes visualization of events by displaying recorded images and waveforms.

This tool can be utilized for various purposes such as on-site improvement activities, conservation activities, facility management, product development and experiments.

Introduction of RekamoMA

The event data recorder for production lines (Pro/Multi/Basic)

In order to record images, you just set up RekamoMA at a place where you want to observe!

In conjunction with an error signal triggered by production equipment, RekamoMA can record only a necessary period of time that precedes the error event.

RekamoMA can offloads tasks of staff members who have kept on watching production lines on-site until the unpredictable problem reappears.

  • a workpiece fell over, and a short-term breakdown occurred in the next process.
  • Triggered by an error signal from equipment, RekamoMA recorded only the period of time preceding the occurrence of the error.
  • By examining recorded images, a RekamoMA user was able to identify the location of the problem.
  • The RekamoMA user finally found a protrusion there that had caused the workpiece's fallover.
  • A workpiece dropping occurred.
  • RekamoMA records period only before and after the occurrence of an error signal with a camera capable of capturing 850 pictures per second.
  • By checking the high speed camera images, we found that the robotic arm had vibrated and failed to grab the workpiece.
  • A collision between production facilities occurred.
  • With the error signal from one of the facilites as a trigger, we recorded images before and after the occurrence of abnormality.
  • A RekamoMA user found that a sensor malfunction at the unexpected timing had caused the collision.

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Customer Feedback

  • "we've reduced the number of short-term breakdowns by 84 percent (from 250 times per month to 40 times per month)"
  • "It used to take two or three days to determine the cause. Introducing RekamoMA has enabled us to locate the problem within a day."
  • "Now, I can concentrate on usual tasks."
  • "In vacant time, we were able to work on the defect reduction activities of the process that had not been done until the introduction of RekamoMA."
  • "We are continuously renewing the record of delivering products with zero-defects to customers. "

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